My Story

My journey began in 1992. I was a newly qualified chartered accountant and a co-founder of a finance and investment firm. Life could not have been better than this; chauffeur driven, successful and qualified at the tender age of 26! I was living the life; nothing could have possibly brought me down from cloud 9.

Or so I thought, and boy was I wrong! My whole world came crashing down 18 months later due to political unrest. In a matter of seconds, I lost everything. One afternoon, I was stewing in my loss, asking God ‘why was is happening to me’, when I heard His voice say, “Go to Cyprus”. I didn’t even know there was a country called Cyprus, so naturally I thought I was losing my mind. After sharing my experience with my soon-to-be wife, Bola, we did our research and found out that I didn’t even need a visa to go to this ‘Cyprus’ place. 


This must have been divine intervention! Ignoring all logic, I decided to take the plunge and move to Cyprus, expecting to rebuild my successful life. Imagine my surprise when upon arrival, I was told that the only career a non-resident of the country could undertake was as a farm hand. The red carpet was rolled out for me all the way from the airport to the pig farm. From CEO to the Captain of the Farm. From board room to pig pen. I arrived in Cyprus February 1994, four months into marriage with my newlywed, and I wanted to do a U-turn straight back to my home country. 

What am I doing?!

I had never even had a pet growing up, and they expected me to work in a farm? Not even a luxurious commercial farm or a stable boy; a pigsty? Dream on! What was I supposed to tell my family and friends? My dad was a Deputy Director in the Central Bank of Nigeria, my Mum worked for the Nigerian Air Force; and me? What was I supposed to tell them? That a voice told me to give everything up to live in a foreign land and do a job I was bound to hate! In all of that, one thing I couldn’t do is deny the voice that told me to ‘go to Cyprus’. I may not have known anything, but I was sure of that. So, I decided to stick it out; even learning how to speak Greek and Arabic to interact with the other labourers.with a North Star content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

By 1997 my wife had joined me from our home country and relocated to the UK before having our second born. I then joined her, but by the time I arrived in UK, I was a shadow of my former confident self. We were living in one room, in a shared house: sharing one bathroom and toilet with 8 other families. That didn’t stop me from dreaming. I immersed myself in personal and Christian spiritual development; never doubting that I could and would be successful. I knew I could live life on my own terms; I could be a CEO again, I could rebuild my life again and I could, and would, give my family the best. 

At last!!

I started out working as Traffic Warden in Kensington & Chelsea. If you know London, you’ll know that areas in Kensington & Chelsea have a lot of esteem, it’s sophisticated; often reported as one of the most expensive areas in London. In all honesty, this was extremely deflating at times. I used to find myself being angry, depressed and defeated by comparing my humble lifestyle to the way the residents in Kensington & Chelsea lived. It was a constant reminder of what I had lost. And then one day, a Pastor in our local Church gave my CV to the computer technology corporation, Oracle Corporation. Unbeknownst to me, they thought I was good enough to invite for an interview. You would never believe what really impressed them… the fact that I could speak Greek & Arabic! In less than no time, I landed a job as an Oracle Implementation Consultant. That one door being opened for me saw me go on to build my own practice and other businesses. At last, I got my confidence, my life and my dream back. As it stands, I am living the life of my dreams.

  • content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

I can help...

Please understand, I am not saying all this to impress you but to impress upon you the fact that I have hit rock bottom and didn’t let that blip be the conclusion of my story.

I know what it means to live a dream and lose it

I know what it means to fail

I know what it means to have nothing

I know what it means to start all over

But I know what it means to fight for my dream. Let me help you with everything I know, so you can live your dream

© Eddie Iduoze